Cook with Comali Season 3: This ‘Comali’ will not feature in upcoming season

CWC 3 contestants

It’s already said that Cook with Comali 3 will not feature Pugazh and Shivangi; another shocking news has come about a Comali who may not take part in the upcoming season. The Cook With Comali show is the last show on Vijay TV to have more viewers than the Bigg Boss show. The stress buster show has a lot of fans because it is a stressful life for many.

The first season featured Vanitha, Ramya Pandian, Uma Riyaz. In contrast, the second season featured Shakeela, Darsha Gupta, serial actress Deepa, Madurai Muthu, Pavithra Lakshmi, Kani, Aswin, Baba Bhaskar, Parvathi, and TikTok Shakti.

Season 2 was way better than season 1, and it was Comali who took this show to the next level. The performance of Shivangi, Pugazh, and Bala, in particular, thrilled the fans. No one can forget Shivangi and her antics with Pugazh by calling him her brother, and the ruckus they created made fans really happy.

It has been reported that Pugazh is acting with Thala Ajith in the movie Valimai. Since then, he has reportedly committed to comedy roles in several films. Similarly, Shivangi is also starring in some films like Sivakarthikeyan’s Don. Will the duo participate in the Cook With Comali Season 3 show as they are currently busy on the silver screen is a million dollar question.

Now another Comali may not participate in the upcoming season of Cook with Comali, and it has come as a shock to fans. It’s none other than Sunitha. Even though she doesn’t know Tamil, she tries her best to entertain fans. Without knowing Tamil, the words she speaks and the songs she sings makes fans really happy. What made her even more popular were her attempts to woo one of the contestants of season 2, ‘Ashwin.’ Also, the small fights she had with Shivangi to win over Ashwin were well received.

It has been reported that Sunita is currently in talks to participate in the “Bigg Boss Season 5” show. If Sunita participates in ‘Bigg Boss Season 5’, she would not have been able to appear in ‘Cook with Comali Season 3’. Thus the fans are sad about losing another comali for the upcoming season.


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