‘Cook With Comali’ Rithika poses in a modern outfit, fans are shocked by her transformation

Cook with comali rithika

Rithika, who made her wild card entry on Cook with Comali 2, was eliminated a few weeks due to her dishes not impressing the judges. But her performance with Bala was well appreciated during her stint in the show and she gained a huge fan base on social media.

Rithika’s fans became sad after her elimination but she came back to perform with her mother during celebration week. Also Rithika’s performance in the wild card week was appreciated.

Rithika also did rhyming timing comedies with Bala which was highly appreciated by her fans. Fans have been expressing their desire that Rithika should definitely participate in season 3 of CWC.

Rithika, who always looks gorgeous in a sari, has shared photos of her dressed in a modern outfit on her social media. Fans are shocked by her transformation. Some of them have commented that she looks different in these modern outfits.



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