‘Cook with Comali’ Pavithra Lakshmi requests fans to report her fake social media profiles

Pavithra Lakshmi fake twitter

Season 2 of ‘Cook with Comali’ is currently airing, and the number of fans for the show is increasing day by day. Full of nonstop comedies, this show has captivated everyone in a concise period of time.

Especially the love portion between Comali Pugazh and Cook Pavithra Lakshmi has attracted a lot of viewers. Even if the two of them are on the same team, even if they are on different teams, there is a lot of fun happening in the set.

At this point, Pavithra sadly posted a video on her social website. In it, she said: ‘Hello to all my fans. I’m mostly active on Instagram. I’m not active on Twitter, and I do not know why. But some people have taken advantage of this and created fake Twitter pages in my name. I don’t know how right this is. I know I am not responsible for any post on those fake pages. My thanks to everyone who has been supporting my official Twitter page.’

It is noteworthy that Pavithra Lakshmi released this video after noticing that several fake Twitter pages had been created in her name.


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