Cook with Comali fame Ashwin Kumar shares photo with his mother on social media


The show Cook With Comali is now popular with fans. The season 2 of Cook with Comali is airing on Vijay Tv and is popular among fans, thanks to contestantys like Ashwin Kumar, Dharsha Gupta, Baba Bhaskar and Shakeela.

It’s hard to make everyone laugh, and the show has been doing such a thing with a unique twist in a cooking show.

Some of the participants in the show have a great reception among the fans. Ashwin is one of them. Cook Ashwin and ‘Comali’ Shivani have a lot of fans and they look as a cute pair when cooking together.

Ashwin Kumar has recently shared a photo of his mother posing with him on social media. This photo is going viral and fans are appreciating the sweet gesture by the popular star. They are looking forward to see more of Ashwin and Shivani in the coming episodes.
Cook With Comali Ashwin with Mother
Photo Credits: Cineulagam


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