‘Cook with Comali’ Baba Bhakar family photos goes viral on social media

Baba Bhaskar family

The show ‘Cook with Comali’ airing on Vijay TV is a huge hit, and the cooks and comalis attending the show have become popular all over Tamil Nadu.

Ashwin, Baba Bhaskar, Shakeela, Pavithra, Madurai Muthu, Kani, Dharsha, and Deepa are the ‘cooks’ while Shivangi, Pugazh, Sarath, Shakthi, Manimegalai, Sunita, and Bala are the comalis.

In this case, the atrocities committed by Baba Bhaskar, one of the cooks who attended the event, are immeasurable. The show is trending and is a huge hit in recent episodes, especially with the movie ‘Maari’ where Pugazh gets carried by Baba Bhaskar whenever DJ Black plays this song.
Baba Bhaskar family
In this situation, the family photo of Baba Bhaskar is currently going viral on social media. This photo taken in Tirupati shows Baba Bhaskar, his wife, son, and daughter. Such a grown-up son and daughter to Baba Bhaskar? Netizens have been shocked to see their photos and expressing their shock in comments.



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