Cook with Comali Ashwin Kumar birthday celebration video goes viral on social media

Cook With Comali Ashwin Kumar birthday

It is known that the second season of ‘Cook with Comali’ is currently airing on Vijay TV, and the show is getting a huge reception.

The number of fans for this one hour show is increasing day by day with an hour full featuring comedy.

It is especially noteworthy that the romance set between Ashwin and Shivangi is the talk of the town while Pugazh and Shivangi’s brother-sister sentiment is laugh-worthy, Madurai Muthu’s comedy, Pavithra and Pugazh romance, Baba Master’s frantic acts, Shakila’s strict act, and Manimegalai’s comedy have made this show very interesting and enjoyable to fans.

In this situation, Ashwin, who is said to be the hero of the ‘Cook with Comali’ show, was pleasantly surprised by his fellow contestants on his birthday. He was pleasantly surprised when they brought him to a room and suddenly told him to cut the birthday cake that had been arranged there.

Speaking after cutting the cake among fellow contestants, he said that it was the ‘Cook with Comali’ show that made him famous and that the show is going very well.

The videos are currently going viral as Shivangi has posted videos on his social media page.


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