Cook With Comali 2 Winner: Who Deserves to Become the Winner of CWC Season 2 Grand Finale?

cooku with comali 2 grand finale winner

‘Cook With Comali 2’ will come to a close within a week’s time. The celebration week featured the cooks and their near and dear along with the Comalis. In what is expected to be a rehearsal for the finale, the five finalists of ‘Cook With Comali 2’, the quest for the winner of ‘Cook With Comali 2’ begins.

‘Cook With Comali 2’ featured a hilarious celebration week tasks which brought smiles to the faces of the audience. However, the competition will intensify in the Grand finale of ‘Cook With Comali 2’.

‘Cook With Comali 2’ Grand Finale Winner – Who Will Win the Grand Finale of ‘Cook With Comali 2’?

The five finalists of ‘Cook With Comali 2′ are Kani, Ashwin, Baba Bhaskar, Shakila and Pavithra. However, the winner will be announced at the end of the Grand finale. The winner of the first season was Vanitha.

Considering the touch of innovation, Ashwin will be a potential winner. However, in terms of consistency, Kani and Baba Bhaskar are strong contestants. Shakila might spring a surprise depending on the ingredients and task. However, the most probable options are Kani or Ashwin to become the title winner of Cook With Comali 2’.

‘Cook With Comali 2’ Grand Finale Highlights

The grand finale of Cook With Comali 2′ will be telecasted on the 14th of April 2021. The glitzy grand finale will be a five-hour-long event. However, the fun factor and the influence of Comalis will be top-notch. It is believed that some special guests will grace the finale episode.

‘Cook With Comali 2’ Winner Voting

Vote for your favorite cook who deserves to win Cook With Comali 2.

Who Deserves to Win Cook With Comali 2?

Baba Bhaskar



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