Cook With Comali 2: Semi Final Task Winners, Elimination, First Two Finalists Updates Revealed!

cook with comali 2 21st march finalists semi final task elimination

‘Cook With Comali 2’ enters a decisive phase in the competition this week. The Semi-final task will feature four competent cooks and two ‘Comalis’ each for them. There will be fierce competition among the cooks as the battle for the first two finalists will take place on Sunday’s episode.

An epic twist awaits the cooks as there will an elimination as well as the announcement of the first two finalists this week.

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‘Cook With Comali 2’ Sem-Finalists

  • Ashwin
  • Shakila
  • Baba Bhakar
  • Kani

‘Cook With Comali 2’ Sem-Finals Task Highlights & Winner

Saturday’s episode featured the advantage task for the semi-finals task. The winner of the advantage task gets a much-needed advantage over the remaining finalists. In the first advantage task, Shivangi destroyed the tempered chocolate bowl. Hence, Ashwin failed to enter the top three in the first advantage task.

As a result, three cooks and their ‘Comali’ pairs entered the second advantage task. They are:

  • Kani
  • Baba Bhaskar
  • Shakila

In the second advantage task, there was a tough fight between Baba Bhaskar and Kani’s team. However, Kani’s team peeled the most oranges. As a result, Baba Bhaskar lost the advantage task by a whisker.

Hence, Kani was declared the winner of the advantage task for the Semi-final week.

‘Cook With Comali 2’ Finalists

According to reports, Kani and Ashwin are the first finalists of Cook With Comali Season 2. Kani made use of her advantage to seal her place in the finals.

Baba Bhaskar won the elimination round after the cook-off with Shakila. Hence, Baba Bhaskar is the third finalist of this season.

‘Cook With Comali 2’ 21st March Episode Elimination Updates

As Kani and Ashwin entered the finals of Cook With Comali Season 2, Shakila is eliminated in Sunday’s episode.


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