Cook With Comali 2 Grand Finale Pairing Revealed, This Cook Will Be the Title Winner of CWC Season 2?

cooku with comali 2 grand finale winner runner up

‘Cook With Comali 2’ Grand finale is just around the corner. The five finalists will battle it out in a five-hour-long finale episode. The suspense around the ‘Cook With Comali 2’ winner is gaining traction by the day. The Grand finale will feature an epic ensemble of amazing cooking and comedy along with special guests.

‘Cook With Comali 2’ Grand Finale Updates

‘Cook With Comali 2’ Grand finale will be telecasted on the 14th of April 2021. The Grand finale will be a glitzy grandeur for the audience who will miss the show from there on. Actor Simbu will be a special guest for the Grand finale.

The five finalists will face multiple challenges before one of them is crowned the ‘title winner’ of ‘Cook With Comali 2’. Manimegalai will be back for the Grand finale after a brief break. The most trending pair of this season of ‘Cook With Comali 2’, Ashwin and Shivangi will unite for one last time this season. Incidentally, they are paired together for the tenth time.

‘Cook With Comali 2’ Pairing for Grand Finale

The pairing of a cook with a Comali is the highlight of the show. The pairings guarantee the cooks a chance to entertain and also collaborate to win the tasks. The grand finale of ‘Cook With Comali 2’ will feature the following pairs:

  • Ashwin and Shivangi
  • Kani and Bala
  • Pavithra and Manimegalai

‘Cook With Comali 2’ Winner

Kani is the winner of ‘Cook With Comali 2’. However, the people’s choice of winner was Ashwin who is the second runner up. ‘Cook With Comali 2’ first runner-up is Shakila.



  1. I never knew that a cooking program can become stress relief program. especially Shivangi and Pugazh. Must congratulate Bala, Math.Muthu, Thangathurai n sakthi. Aswin should win the title. He is a upcoming star. Hoping and anticipating for the new program that is Cook with Comali 3. In new CC3 may be can put all the present COMALIS as Cook and choose other stars as their assistants. Please choose some understanding stars to be with them. My observations In Cook With Comali 1, that the cooks scolding the comalis like their house servant. using some words which is not appropriate to use in airing program. They must understand that they are COMALIS. you must manage them.


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