Indian Idol 12 27th and 28th February 2021 Elimination Updates: Govinda Shakti Special, Fourth Elimination!


The most sensational singing reality show in Indian television, Indian Idol 12 if off to a great start. The top 12 contestants of Indian Idol 12 will battle it out in yet another week filled with amazing music and entertainment. Popular Actors Govinda and Shakti will grace the sets of Indian Idol 12 on February 27th and 28th episodes.

Indian Idol 12 features an amazing set of talents from different parts of the country. Three contestants were eliminated so far. Out of the fifteen contestants, the quest for entering the top 10 of Indian Idol 10 intensifies the competition. Last week’s episodes triggered emotional moments as the contestants performed in the Mother’s special episodes.

This week’s episodes on the 27th and 28th February 2021 will feature some hilarious entertainment as actors Govinda and Shakti will be in the Indian Idol 12 stage.

Anushka and Anjali cook up a glitzy and skillful performance which wooes the judges and the special guests. Danish is one of the senational finds of the season so far. His fan base is huge and he is a potential finalist. Indian Idol 12 episode on the 27th of January will feature a crackling performance between Sawai and Danish.

The suspense around the fourth elimination continues to keep the audience at the edges of their seats. Only three contestants are eliminated from the show as of date. However, the possibility of elimination this week is not confirmed.

Update: Anushka Banerjee was eliminated from Indian Idol 12.

Indian Idol 12 is telecasted on Sony TV at 8PM IST. However, the audience can watch the streaming of Indian Idol 12 episodes on Sony LIV app.


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