Cook With Comali 2 27th & 28th March 2021: Wildcard Round Pairing, Task & Fourth Finalist Updates!

'Cook With Comali 2' elimination round winner fourth finalist

‘Cooku With Comali 2’ enters a critical phase as the ‘Wildcard round’ is here. The blockbuster cooking cum comedy reality show, ‘Cook With Comali 2’ impressed the masses. However, the ‘Wildcard round’ and its intense tasks will decide the fourth finalist of Cook With Comali Season 2.

All six elimination cooks of this season will face off one last time and the ultimate winner will get a chance to become a finalist.

‘Cooku With Comali 2’ Wildcard Round Pairing List

  • Pugal – Pavithra
  • Shivangi – Deepa
  • Thangadurai – Shakila
  • Madurai Muthu – Bala
  • Dharsha – Sunitha
  • Rithika – Sharath

Note: Manimegalai will be absent this week due to her injury.

‘Cooku With Comali 2’ 27th March Wildcard Round Task Highlights

The six cooks received one ‘Comali’ each. As a result, the tasks will be intense and highly competitive. However, one cook will receive the coveted opportunity to become the fourth finalist of ‘Cooku With Comali’ Season 2.

Deepa is paired with the sensational Comali Shivangi. However, Pugal and Pavithra reunite which will be the highlight for this week. The first task in the wildcard round involved making ‘jilebis’. The comedy and sense of competitiveness will take precedence this week.

A promising show filled with rib-tickling humor will come to an end soon. However, the audience is eager to watch the action from the penultimate week. Madurai Muthu is back as a contestant after a long time.

‘Cooku With Comali 2’ Finalists

  • Kani (First Finalist)
  • Ashwin (Second Finalist)
  • Baba Bhaskar (Third Finalist)

‘Cooku With Comali 2’ Wildcard Round Winner – Fourth Finalist

According to reports, Shakila will win the elimination round of ‘Cook With Comali’ Season 2. However, there is a possibility of Pavithra or Rithika springing up a surprise.



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