Cook With Comali 13 & 14th March 2021 Elimination Task Highlights: This Contestant is Eliminated this week!

cook with comali 2 ashwin pavi elimination 13th march

‘Cook with Comali’ Season 2 promises an entertaining weekend for its fans. ‘Cook with Comali 2’ enters a decisive week and one of the cooks will end their memorable journey in the show. However, the elimination main task between Ashwin and Pavithra will be a cliffhanger.

‘Cook with Comali 2’ promises to be a rib-tickling affair yet again. The comedy cum cooking reality show has broken TRP records with hilarious content every week. Baba Bhaskar won the immunity task last weekend. Hence, he is safe from elimination this week.

‘Cook with Comali’ Season 2 Elimination Week Pairing Updates

This weekend’s pairings will be a hilarious combination of cooks and ‘comalis’.

  • Kani is paired with Pugal after a long time.
  • Bala and Pavitra will pair up this weekend.
  • Ashwin and Shivangi
  • Shakila and Manimegalai pair up this weekend.

‘Cook with Comali’ Season 2 Elimination

The announcement of elimination is the major suspense of this week. However, the odds point to Pavithra’s elimination this weekend. Brocolli is not a friend of Pavithra and we saw this a few weeks ago. Ashwin was saved by a whisker. Hence, Cook With Comali 2 will miss Pavithra from this weekend.

It is a piece of heartbreaking news for all Pugal and Pavithra fans. The budding actress and reality show star will kiss goodbye to the sets of Cook With Comali 2 this weekend.




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