Colors Kodeeswari JackPot Question Today 20th January 2020

colors kodeeswari jackpot

Colors Kodeeswari JackPot Question is available every day during the time Kodeeswari is aired on Colors Tv at 8PM. This is an app exclusive game and available on Voot app only.

How to Participate in Colors Kodeeswari Jackpot event

  • Viewers can participate by registering on Voot Application and navigating to the contest page on Voot Application.
  • Jackpot Questions will be available on the contest page on Voot as per the following schedule and shall be open for participation till the end of the respective Episode on the Channel
  • Download Voot Application from the app store for iOS or play store for android or Jio store for JioPhone.
  • Log in by using/linking their Google or Facebook user ID and passwords to the Voot Application; and
  • Navigate to the contest page by clicking on the banner and provide additional information such as their name, phone number, etc., as required on the landing page for the Contest in the Voot Application

Colors Kodeeswari Jackpot Question for Today 20th January 2020

  • During each original telecast of the episode of the Show, the participants will have to answer one (01) Daily Jackpot Question within the Stipulated Time.
  • The Stipulated Time varies for each Daily Jackpot Question(s) across different Episodes depending on at what point during the Episode the Daily Jackpot Question is displayed on-air within the respective Episode.
  • Only the participants who have submitted correct answer to the Daily Jackpot Question shall be considered for the Prize/Gratification.
  • Points scored by participants across multiple days will get accumulated. In the event a participant is terminated mid-session for any reasons whatsoever, the participants will have to wait till the next question is asked on the Show, in order to continue scoring points.
  • Once the “Lock Your Answer” button has been pressed, the participants will not be allowed to change the answer.
  • If the colour of the button does not change, the server has not received the response and the participants would be required to press the button again.
  • Please note that the participants has to select the answer option and press the button within the Stipulated Time.
  • Post submission (locking) of the answer, the participants (s) will not be permitted to modify / alter / change the answer submitted.
  • Only the answers received within the Stipulated Time will be considered valid.


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