Cleaning Up Season 2 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled, What to Expect?


Cleaning up is a Korean web show on Netflix that is the remake of the British web show! The name of that web show was also the exact name, “cleaning up”. Season 1 of cleaning up is already finalized now and even being the remake, it has won the hearts of audiences. And now, they all are looking up to another season of cleaning up! But, the question is, are makers going to make another season for this show? Are cleaning up fans going to watch cleaning up, season 2? And if the makers are going to air the next season, what is the date for release? 

It is understandable that fans want to know all the answers to these questions, very eagerly! And we are so aware of this fact! Therefore, this is a write-up for all the cleaning-up fans who are patiently waiting to know these.

Cleaning Up Season 2: Release Date 

Until this time, there are no updates from the makers that they are going to air season 2 for cleaning up! However, even if there will be any plans to release the new season, that won’t be possible this year! 

There are a few chances that cleaning-up fans will be able to watch season 2 next year, in 2023! Or, there are also chances that season 2 will be released in 2024.

Cleaning Up: What to Expect in Season 2?

In cleaning-up season 1, there were a total of three prime characters named, Eo Young-Mi, An In-Kyung, and Maeng Suo- Ja. There is quite a probability that these three characters are going to be the prime characters for cleaning-up season 2, too! 

One of the characters, An In-Kyung has a goal to get her own food truck and that is because she wants to have a running business of her own. Another character, Eo Young-Mi has to educate and make a living for herself and two of her daughters. The third character, Maeng Suo- Ja is one of the most friendly characters among all three of them! 

One can expect to watch the continuation of these things and the old storyline ( season 1 storyline ) , for cleaning-up, season 2! Or maybe the makers can change the whole storyline and theme for the next season, cleaning-up season 2. These are all just probabilities and assumptions for the next season. Any new and additional updates will be updated to the cleaning-up fans! 


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