Chloe Hayden Wiki: Everything about the Heartbreak High 2022 heartthrob, Unknown facts!


Netflix’s Heartbreak High 2022  is Australian drama television series created by Hannah Carroll Chapman. It is reboot of the 1994 series which was initially screened on Network Ten. The show is streamed on 14th September 2022 in Netflix.

In heartbreak high 2022 series there are so many interesting stuffs among the cast plays.  Lets see about Chloe Hayden’s heartthrob and unknown facts here.

Who is Chloe Hayden?

Chloe Hayden is an Australian Autistic actor.  She acted in autistic roles in the Australian films. Also she is active participant in social medias, twitter, Facebook and YouTube and so on.

In heartbreak high 2022 reboot series, the makers planned to show up the youngsters commonly facing issues in the society. So they taken Chloe Hayden for autistic role as Quinn in Heartbreak high 2022 to picturize the autistic issues in the society.

Chloe Hayden Age, height and weight

  • Chloe Hayden was born on 23rd July 1997. As of 2022, her age is 25 years.
  • She is 48 kg in weight and 153 cm in height approximately
  • Her hair color is brown

Chloe Hayden Hometown

Chloe Hayden was born in Geelong, Australia. Her horoscope sign is Leo. She belongs to Australian native and her nickname is Princes Saspien.

Chloe Hayden Education

She spent her childhood and schooling days in Geelong.  She found to be chemical imbalanced child in her early childhood days, so she could not concentrate well in her studies. But after her early ages she succeeded in acting industry with her mastery of acting skills.

Chloe Hayden Career

  • She started her career as an actor and she has won award for her acts.
  • She provided herself in the TV series ‘Jeremy the Dud’ in 2017.
  • Chole’s other acts are,
    • Amaze
    • Paws4kids
    • Yellow Ladybugs
    • Aspergers Victoria
  • Currently, she committed in the high hit tv drama series, Heartbreak High.
  • On the other page, she is an great motivational speaker too.

Chloe Hayden Hobbies

  • She is active participant in social media platform
  • She likes to write motivational quotes.
  • She loves to travel along with her likelyhoods.

Chloe Hayden Boyfriend

Dylan Rohan is Chloe Hayden’s current boyfriend. They met for the first time in October 2020 and became close friends. After a few conversations, they conclude themselves as they both are made for each other.

Chloe Hayden Youtube

Chloe is super active in social media platforms like facebook,twitter,Instagram and YouTube. One her best YouTube videos is below:

Chloe Hayden Latest Pics

Noticeably Chloe is Merchant for autism kids and she is a pet lover. Some of her latest pics are,


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