Chithi 2 Episode 2 28th January 2020 Written Update – What happened during Ear Piercing event?

chithi 2 serial video

Chithi 2 has premiered on Monday 27th January 2020 and the second epiosde was aired on 28th January 2020 Tuesday and the episode starts with Chithi saving Ammu Kutti, the small kid from the box using her presence of mind. She also pacifies the kid and everyone around her and they all happily go for the ear piercing event for Ammu Kutti. Then they make Pongal for God and ask uncle to come forward so that the kid can sit in his lap for ear piercing ceremony. The Uncle is none other than the one who stole the jewllery and since Ammu Kutti saw him doing that she was scared seeing him and refuse to sit.

Lakshmi the wife of him scolds Ammu Kutti to keep quiet but Ammu Kutti protests and says I will pierce my ear sitting on Chithi’s lap. The event goes well and Ammu Kutti’s mother’s father offers a gold chain to the kid while uncle gives just Rs. 1000. Everyone was shocked to see just Rs. 1000 but Chithi says it’s ok, the heart which gives the gift matters more than the gift. Then everyone asks what Chithi is giving and she asks Venba to bring the box, but when opened she was shocked to see the gold chain missing. Chithi couldn’t digest the fact that the gold chain is missing as she says she kept it inside the box.

Then when Chithi looks around she could find the photo of God in the Uncle’s shirt pocket the one who took the jewel, then she realises this is the same photo she kept along with the jewelery and understands that he must the one who took the chain. Then Chithi to save the situation says that she forgot and left the chain in car dashboard. She says she will go and get it and ask the uncle to come along with her to help her out. He hesitates and since everyone insisted he went, Then chithi ask him to bring the chain while he ask how do I know where you kept it. Chithi says she knows about it and it was turning out to be an argument. At that time the uncle’s wife Lakshmi comes and starts fighthing with Chithi. She says she knew Chithi would put blame on her husband and event points out that whatever she is doing is not right including calling Venba as her daughter and chithi says sorry and even says dont ever bring that topic as you both promised not to talk about that.

Then Lakshmi says Venba is not Chithi’s daughter and drags her husband out from there. The gold chain which he stole fell down and Lakshmi gets angry at her husband for supporting him, walks away from there. Even he walks away embarrased. Then Chithi takes the chain and the even goes smooth after that.

The next scene involves Malliga, she is introduced as the villain of the show. She gets an intro like a hero and even speaks a dialogue to the sevants like a hero.


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