Chithi 2 Episode 1 27th January 2020 Written Update in English – Radhika returns as Chithi with a bang

chithi 2 serial video

Chithi 2 premiered today 27th January 2020 and for those who missed the series and who wanted to read it as highlights rather than watch the entire show, they will be happy to read our written updates of this series here. As the introduction about the characters of Chithi 2 were given as video in previous week the show starts directly with Radhika whose name is Sarada and she is a school teacher in this series. Sarada is sacrificing her life for the mistakes done by her sister but we are not shown exactly what has happened which will be revealed in the later episodes of the series.

Shanmugam is Sarada’s husband, though he is an illiterate he is good by heart and wants everyone to be happy. Venba is another main character of this series and she calls Sarada as Chithi in this show. All the family members have decided to do “Ear Piercing Ceremony” for the grand-daughter of the house “Ammu” but Lakshmi and her husband is trying to spoil this event. They steal the gold necklace from Venba and scares Ammu about ear piercing.

Ammu gets scared and runs to behind a box and accidentally drops her mobile into that. Then to take the mobile from the box Ammu fell inside the box and it closes. Now everyone is searching for the kid and they were all panicking. Sarada with her presence of mind realises that Ammu was having a mobile with her and took phone from Shanmugam and called Ammu’s mobile number. Then at some point she could hear the ringtone coming from box, opens it and consoles Ammu. Everyone feels relieved and they all happily pierces ear for Ammu. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s episode.


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