Chiranjeevi tests Covid-19 negative in three days. This is how


Megastar Chiranjeevi made it to the headlines a few days ago after testing positive for the novel coronavirus. In a statement, he said that he is asymptomatic and is in home quarantine as per doctor’s advise. However, in just three days, he tested negative for the novel coronavirus. How did Chiranjeevi get cured in 2 days?


On November 12, Chiranjeevi took to reveal that he tested negative for the novel coronavirus thrice. He also blamed the faulty PCR-kit that showed a false positive on November 9.

Chiranjeevi wrote, “A group of doctors did three different tests and concluded that I am Covid negative & that the earlier result was due to a faulty RT PCR kit. My heartfelt thanks for the concern, love shown by all of you during this time. Humbled! (sic).”

After receiving positive results, Chiranjeevi decided to take a CT scan at Apollo Hospitals. The scan results showed zero damage to his lungs. That’s when the doctors became doubtful about his condition. So, Chiranjeevi took Covid-19 test thrice in three different PCR kits and tested negative.

So, the doctors came to a conclusion that the earlier test results were due to faulty PCR kit.



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