Chennai KK Nagar Shop Owner tests positive for Coronavirus, K K Nagar residents are shocked by this news

coronavirus kk nagar chennai

Customers altogether are shocked by the coronavirus of a grocery shop in Chennai. Coronavirus prevalence is increasing throughout the country. The number of people affected by coronavirus in India is 6412.

The Federal Health Department has announced that the number of death victims is 199 in India. Tamil Nadu is the 2nd highest number of virus affected states. The Government of Tamil Nadu is taking serious measures to prevent coronavirus infection in Tamil Nadu. Reducing the opening of stores is a good idea as a home-based vegetables program is even in place to prevent people from travelling outside.

In this case, a grocery store owner in KK Nagar in Chennai is found to have coronavirus infection. He is now admitted to a private hospital for treatment. Due to this, medical restrictions have been brought in around his home and shop. Customers who visited his shop are being identified and people with symptoms are tested.


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