Chennai corporation to start Coronavirus operation from tomorrow 11th April 2020, here are the details

coronavirus kk nagar chennai

The Corporation of Chennai has been conducting a continuous survey of homes for 90 days from tomorrow Saturday 11th April 2020.

The corporation is desperately trying to prevent corona spread in Chennai. The corporation is investigating whether there are any signs of coronavirus impact on the public throughout the day and in all homes.

The corporation provides treatment for the common cold and flu. If continuous treatment is necessary, the corporation has devised a plan to send them to the General Hospital.

That plan is being implemented from tomorrow. For this purpose, 10 million buildings in the total area of ​​the Chennai Corporation are divided into 75-100 buildings. There are 16,000 municipal employees directly monitoring all tasks. They will continue to inspect 75 to 100 homes for the next 90 days.



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