Chef Ranveer Brar’s Maa ki Baat is the best Amalgam of Flavour, Emotions and Sweet Memories


The most inevitable part of Indian household is a relishing meal cooked by our mother. After all the hardwork and pain, it barely takes a bite of the dish prepared by Maa to take away the stress and fatigue. One of the most renowned Indian celebrity Chefs, Ranveer Brar has brought to us an online series through which one can rediscover the flavours and memories of childhood. Maa ki Baat comprises some of the most loved dishes of Indian household like the Rajma Chawal and Thepla.

It is not just the simple recipes but also Chef Ranveer’s personal stories and tips attached with them that attracts the viewer. One of the most loved part about the series is that it not only involves the dishes that Indian mothers love to prepare for their children but also it talks about the dishes mothers love and their childhood memories attached to it. The first video of the series has almost one lakh views. On every Sunday a new video will be posted as promised by Chef Ranveer himself.

All Time Champion the Rajma-Chawal

The first episode of the series was released on Mother’s day. It was even more special for Chef Ranveer because of the august presence of his mother, Mrs. Surinder Kaur.  The dish that they both prepare in the episode is one and only Rajma Chawal. There are so many memories and stories attached to this one dish that its flavours can be forgotten. In the episode itself Chef Ranveer shares the recipe of Rajma Chawal that his mother has been preparing from ages. The 8-minute episode will teach you one of the most mouth-watering dishes of North-India. The words of Mrs Surinder Kaur really bring forth a deeper perspective on the life of Indian women. The innocence, affection and care that a mother bestows upon her child is parallel to nothing in this world.

Thepla- The Staple Food of Gujarat

In the second episode Chef Ranveer has revealed the simple tricks that can make your average Thepla an outstanding beauty. Thepla is a dish that is very popular in Gujarat. As Chef Ranveer says, it is the staple dish of Gujarat. He had invited the mother of one of his friends called Ishan for this episode. A simple dish like Thepla has less than handful ingredients but the real deal is how to get them made perfect. In this episode one can learn the little things that will make your Thepla jiggle the taste buds. Simple modifications like using a wooden rolling board instead of a marble one can make your Thepla thinner. The episode is packed with much more to explore and learn.

Maa ki Baat by Chef Ranveer Brar

Maa ki Baat is one of the most loved shows on the YouTube. As promised by Chef Ranveer the next few episodes will feature mothers from Kerala, Tamil Nadu and North India. One good take away from the show is the question “Maa aapko kya pasand hai?” We must ask our mothers as well what they like to have and why? This will not only weave the bond but also show you a very different side of your mother. Through Maa ki Baat one can enjoy the flavours and relive memories at the same time.


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