Checklist for Athi Varadhar Online Ticket Booking and Trip Planning to Kanchipuram


How to Book Athi Varadar tickets online – A Step by Step guide.
Rs. 300 Athi Varadar Special Darshan 2019 booked online, newly announced by Government of Tamil Nadu.
As the auspicious season of receiving the divine blessings of Athi Varadhar is reaching its midway mark, this once in 40 year old tradition has turned Kanchipuram into a pilgrimage hub.
Athi Varadar Today’s Crowd Status – Updated Daily!!
Lakhs of devotees are converging into the pilgrim town of Kanchipuram and hotel owners, restaurants and transportation companies are making hay while the sun shines. The Tamilnadu Government has opened up an online booking facility for purchasing Darshan tickets for 500 Indian Rupees, however, the devotees are not very happy with this service.

Things You Should Know Before Planning to Book Athi Varadar Darshan Tickets Online

  1. The online booking for Adhi Varadar darshan can be accessed from
  2. The page appears by default in Tamil. The page can be translated to English by selecting the option in the top right corner of the webpage.
  3. The online Sahasaranamam tickets open 4 days in advance. Devotees shall plan their trip to Kanchipuram according.
  4. The Sahasaranamam tickets cost INR. 500 each.
  5. There are two slots for booking the 500 rupees tickets – Morning slot which is at 6:30AM and evening slot which is at 5PM.
  6. There are 250 tickets which can be booked for each slot.
  7. A lot of VIPs including PM Modi are mulled to visit Kanchipuram in the coming days. Hence, keep a tab on the news before booking your tickets.
  8. It is necessary to have an Aadhar card to book your online darshan slot.
  9. Devotees who are planning to book the morning session should plan their overnight stay in hotels which are in close proximity to the temple. Vehicle entry within 2-3 kms within the temple perimeter will be a tough ordeal.
  10. The free darshan is open from 8AM to 8PM and reports suggest that the queues are stretching upto 5-6 kilometers.

Checklist to Plan Your Trip to Kanchipuram for Athi Varadar Darshan

  1. Kanchipuram is very hot and there are several reports of devotees fainting due to heatstroke and dehydration. It is very important to carry sufficient water and stay hydrated before and during the waiting period before the Athi Varadar darshan.
  2. Book your hotels in advance and in proximity to the temple as hotels are getting booked very quickly and vehicles’ movements are restricted.
  3. Wear loose and light clothes are the sun will drain you out.
  4. Ensure you have your hotel rooms booked for a couple of days as it is going to be hectic to complete the darshan and travel in a day. This is specifically for people from Chennai and nearby places who are planning to pay a visit to Kanchipuram.
  5. The Athi Varadhar festival lasts for 48 days. The crowd is likely to increase towards the fag end of the festival. It is advisable to plan your trip soon.


  1. Is there any fast dharshan for foreigners as we are coming from Singapore on 27 Jul and leaving on 28 Jul night.


    • I don’t think it works according to AAgama sastram, I think the process can be more streamlined and since this event happens once every 40yrs even the officials are not sure how much crowd is expected. But lets hope the devotees get darshan of Lord Athi Varadhar and come back safely.

  3. RS 300 tickets…Apart from online tickets, it is said they are available in the temple or administrative office in the town also.If so help us with the address please.

    Why don’t you increase the number of online tickets?

  4. Hi all,
    How many people did you get tickets form online really? Can you please tell me? How many people can able to book the tickets?

    • People are getting tickets for 3000 rs ticket without issue now as the government has increased it to 2000. Try with different browser and try early

  5. Dear Sir
    we are coming with aged parents can we get special darshan tickets on the spot.
    My name is Govinda Thirthanandan from Bangalore

  6. Useless organization waste fellows who is running the website better close it what nonsense it shows ok then pending wait for10 mints and failure what a big zoke 10.03 am showing available 432 and 10.04 unused tickets then try again if u r unable to do plz don’t waste time of others sorry I have never seen such a useless pathatic web site never ever I want to try or not to visit again good bye

    • I could book it, imagine lakhs and lakhs keep on trying like you.
      Go to very high speed Internet wired service
      You may be successful
      Don’t try wireless

  7. How long time it will take to dharshan athi varadhar in 300 rs ticket. Pls tell max time it take to dhatshan in 300 rs.

  8. I am going to book ticket on august 14th in online for 300 at 6 pm or 8 pm . is it safe to go on that day. As that day after is a holiday Aug 15th. Pls suggest me.

  9. Amount was deducted from our bank account but e-Payment Verification of Special Darshan Booking showing Failure. How can we get back our money back.

    • Check your ticket status using transaction status, if it still dont work dont worry… You will get your money back.


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