“Chandramukhi 2” Makes a Splash: Vadivelu’s Record Salary Adds to the Buzz!

Vadivelu Chandramukhi 2 salary

In a much-anticipated cinematic event, “Chandramukhi 2”, the successor to Rajinikanth’s iconic 2005 hit “Chandramukhi”, dazzled its audience on its debut day, September 29. With fans’ expectations soaring, the sequel managed to strike the right chord, gathering rave reviews and robust collections.

While the original film made a groundbreaking collection of 20 crores on its opening day, the sequel bagged an impressive Rs 7.5 crore nationwide, with Tamil Nadu contributing almost 4.5 crores to the tally.

Critical acclaims weren’t far behind. The intricately crafted characters of Chandramukhi and Vettaiyan resonated well, reminiscent of the original roles helmed by Jyothika and Rajinikanth. Raghava Lawrence’s portrayal as the hunter emerged as a standout, garnering widespread accolades. Other major roles essayed by Radhika Sarathkumar, Vadivelu, Lakshmi Menon, and Mahima Nambiar also won applause.

In a striking revelation, Vadivelu’s paycheck for “Chandramukhi 2” emerged as a talking point. The comedy titan reportedly bagged a whopping 2 crores, marking it as his all-time highest remuneration. His impeccable comedic timing and scenes were hailed as one of the pivotal reasons behind the film’s triumph.

Social media, buzzing with activity, saw fans pouring in their love and admiration for the film:

  • Chandramukhi’s sequel delivers a riveting concoction of narrative, humor, and drama. A cinematic treat!
  • Raghava Lawrence as Vettaiyan is nothing short of spectacular. Kudos to such a performance!
  • Vadivelu’s comedic genius breathes life into the film, making it an unforgettable watch.

Given the film’s initial momentum, the box office figures are predicted to see an upward trajectory in the upcoming weeks, indicating “Chandramukhi 2” might be on its way to become an indomitable blockbuster.


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