Cauvery Calling 2019: Kangana Ranaut Donates INR 42 Lakhs for Planting 1 Lakh Trees, Protests Forest Clearance of Aarey Colony


The government is cleaning the forest of Aarey Colony for the metro in Mumbai. Some Bollywood stars are strongly opposing it. Many Bollywood celebrities, including Shraddha Kapoor and Raveena Tandon, have openly opposed the cutting of trees. Kangana Ranaut has now presented a new perspective on these stars who are opposing the cutting of the forest on social media. According to him, ‘the people who are opposing the cutting of trees and trees of Aarey Colony are really mean.’ It is noteworthy that recently, Kangana Ranaut has given a donation of 42 lakh rupees to the campaign of Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev to Cauvery Calling for planting one lakh trees.

“The government should have thought of some other solution than cutting the forest suddenly. Cutting down trees in the name of development, is not the progress of the country, but a loss. The trees of Aarey Colony should be cut down. ”

Extending Kangna’s conversation, she said that suddenly you announced the cutting of thousands of trees. Now the Maharashtra government is saying that if we plant more trees in its place, then the government should have done this planning four-five years ago. Because now if you cut down trees and plant trees, then what is the guarantee that there will be more trees growing there or not. What will happen to the lack of oxygen there by cutting trees suddenly? Therefore, cutting the trees of Aarey Colony is a sign of danger.


When interviewed by a popular news channel about the stance which Bolloywood stars take, Kangana said that you know that Bollywood people talk about themselves. When their films come, they talk very well. However when there will be no film, then Bollywood people shy away from talking on such issues, while the people of Bollywood should come forward and save Mumbai. However many stars including Randeep Hooda, Dia Mirza stood up against it. But there is still a big group of Bollywood people who are keeping silence on the matter.

Kangana not only joined an organization to grow trees herself, but also appealed to the countrymen to plant a tree every year by spending just 42 rupees. Kangana advised her fans that instead of giving gifts to their friends and family on all the festivals from Valentine to gift a tree.




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