Carpooling made easy through rPool, a new app by redBus


No one likes to get stuck in traffic but everyone wants a luxurious car. Sounds ironic, isn’t it? Well, this article is not on moral policing about life but rather an introduction to a brand new app. RedBus recently launched an app called rPool which can easy your daily struggle for searching people to pool cabs. This app not only saves your time and effort but money as well. If you can’t find people, rPool is here to help you out. You can connect with professionals from different fields and choose the ride you wish to take without any hassle. Currently, rPool has started its services in Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Pune.

 How is it different from other carpooling services like Quickride?

We have seen many carpool apps being in the shade and limelight. rPool is unique because it is engineered according to the definition of what a carpool is. In rPool you can either be a ‘Ride Seeker’ or ‘Ride Giver.’ Once you have successfully registered and verified yourself on the app, it is hardly takes a minute to find the ride. Since this app is dedicated to professionals, you can find people in and around your workplace. Once you have posted an invitation as ‘Ride Giver’ people will accept and you can connect with them to confirm the ride.

rPool Offers

The location of your pickup will be present on the Seeker’s map. In case you have any problem in pick-up, you can call the person. The contacts will be provided in the app with privacy ensured. If you are the ‘Ride Seeker’ then rPool gives you the liberty to set the rate for every kilometre. Since it is a point based system, one can set points per Kilometre for their vehicle. It can range from 3 to 7. Since the app is in its blooming stage, there are a lot of offers to avail if you register soon.

Is rPool safe?

When it comes to online service apps people are very sceptical because few practical problem are underestimated. Quickride solves this issue by allowing people with organization specific email IDs to register on their app. Everything on screen is smooth and rPool ensures it remains in practical application as well. All the registered users are working officials with verified identity. You have the control to reject the rides according to previous encounters from the inviter. If there is any issue during the ride you can immediately cancel the ride and call on the helpline number is things escalate.

The app supports making for phone numbers so you don’t have to worry about random unwanted calls. Even when it comes to profile visit rPool has sorted things up. You profile can be viewed only by those who have the same route as yours. Right now from the security point of view the app looks safe and smooth. If you struggle through those congested metro rides and juggling auto rickshaws, rPool is the way to go. Save money, time and environment at the same time.


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