Can you solve it 230 – 220 x 0.5 =? Viral Math Equation Confusing and Trending on Internet

viral math equation 2019

A viral math equation is trending and confusing netizens, it all started with KJ Cheetham sharing a simple equation 230 – 220 x 0.5 =? He gave the answer as 5! but people on twitter was not convinced. Here is the official tweet from him

Most aren’t buying that as they are of the opinion that 120 is the correct answer to the problem 230 – 220 x 0.5 =?
If you solve it by subtraction 220 from 230 and multiply it by 0.5 the answer is pretty obvious as 5.
It was a huge debate with the original poster muting his tweet and posted the following

Some spoke about BODMAS and said the multiplication should be performed first and then subtraction. Then on looking closer it was concluded that he meant 5! (5 factorial) which is 5*4*3*2*1= 120

viral math equation 2019
So he is right, the answer is 120 aka 5! (5 Factorial) 😉


  1. The author of this task is wrong, he uses punctuation everywhere, except in the end. So he answered wrong on his own task, since his answer is “5” and then exclamation mark, which ends the sentence.
    If he wants to say factorial of 5, then it should be “5!.” or “5!!” with exclamation mark indicating the factorial and then either the period or exclamation, which ends the sentence.
    So in the end he’s wrong, because the answer isn’t 5, it’s 120 or 5!.


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