Bridgerton Season 2 Ending Explained: Anthony and Kate

Bridgeton Season 2
What is Bridgerton Season 2 about?

The story of Bridgerton Season 2 is a regency romance period drama. The show centres around Anthony Bridgerton, the eldest Bridgerton brother, and his journey to find a respectable bride. Season 2 draws its inspiration from the book “The Viscount Who Loved Me”. Bridgerton Season 2 appears to be elegantly enlaced around clandestine encounters, ball gowns, romance, and most notably, the object of one’s desires.

Bridgerton is an enemies-to-lovers trope that tells the tale of Anthony and Kate’s enmity in the beginning and advent of love between them as the season progresses. The viewers finally get to see in the last episode that they are wedded to each other. Watch the trailer here. 

Story Recap

Kate Sharma’s (Ashley’s) intention for going to London was to marry her sister Edwina. Anthony made the decision to marry the “Diamond,” who ended up to be Edwina Sharma.  However, Kate overheard Anthony’s conversation with the other lords. In which he stated that love is the last thing he desires and that marrying a “impeccable quality” lady is only important to him for his children should be of “good stock.”

Kate (as a protective elder sister) and a reasonable person would not approve of Anthony since he has no wish to “love” his wife and instead wants a lady who checks off the criteria on his precise list: “a pleasing face, an acceptable wit, genteel manners enough to credit a viscountness.” Kate, in particular, does not want her sister to marry a guy who sees his wife as a function and expectation to be met rather than as a loved one.

As the season progresses, there is a lot of angst and vex between Kate and Anthony, but they are still drawn to each other.

There are parallels in their roles as elder siblings, defending their family, and their similar attitudes. Throughout the season, there has been a stream of flashbacks that attempt to rationalise Anthony’s attitude and his trauma after his father’s death. Being the oldest son, the obligations weighed heavily on him and moulded who he is currently.

What happens at the end?

After a long wait, a slew of yearning stares, tensions, mere seconds close to kissing, in the eight episode Anthony proposes to Kate. But she declines since she genuinely loves her sister and marrying him would only imply the reverse. However, once her mother and sister both approve, Kate is free to choose whatever she desires for the first time probably. Thus, the long-awaited knot is tied, followed by Anthony and Kate joining the other Bridgertons for another game of Pall Mall.


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