#BoycottJio Trends on Twitter as Jio Makes a U-Turn And Decides to Charge for Voice Calls to Non-Jio Users

Jiofiber set-top box

Jio is one of the major disruptors of the Indian telecom industry. The customers were more than happy with Jio’s aggressive pricing and amazing promises. However, Jio took a U-turn on the 9th of October 2019 with regards to the promises made to its customers.

During the launch of Jio, Jio’s management promised free voice calls forever. The packages for Jio included unlimited voice calls and massive internet plans which wooed customers. The stalwarts of the telecom industry were rattled by Jio’s pricing and were forced to reduce prices.

However, Jio introduced a change in policy which left netizens irked. Jio announced a charge of INR 6 paise per minute for calls made to Non-Jio mobile numbers. Jio also introduced recharge plans in the denominations of INR 10, 20, 50 , 100 which provided Non-Jio calls minutes of 123, 249, 656, 1362. Jio tried to pacify its user with free internet on each of these recharge plans.

However, it was not enough. Netizens took to twitter to share their angst and hence, #BoycottJio started trending on Twitter.

However, a few netizens tried to clarify what exactly Interconnect User Charges (IUC) means.



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