#Boycott_BigBoss is Trending Across Twitter as the Audience is Frustrated With the Content on Bigg Boss 13!

Bigg Boss Season 13

Bigg Boss 13 jumps on the controversy bandwagon just like any other season of Bigg Boss. The show has been bearing the brunt of some of its actions which has irked the audience beyond permissible limits.

Why is #Boycott_BigBoss Trending on Twitter?

The entire controversy began right from day 1. The host Salman Khan announced ‘Bed Friends Forever (BFF)’ concept for the first time in history. According to this, every contestant was paired with another contestant of the opposite gender. However, the issue took a wild turn when the audience noticed a Brahmin Hindu girl, Mahira Sharma was asked to share the bed with a Kashmiri Muslim model, Asim Riaz. ‘JihadFehlataBiggBoss’, ‘BoycottSalmanKhan’ began trending on twitter.

The show’s organizers were accused of littering the minds of young and old Indians with the concept of ‘Love Jihad’. However, the controversy did not die down as Colors TV or the makers of Bigg Boss did not announce any official statement clarifying their actions.

The issue got blown up with the first task of the season which involved kissing. The audience were frustrated again with the type of content which is being fed on a family television medium.

Here are some of the tweets from the frustrated audience of Bigg Boss 13:

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