Blockbuster season 2 release date: Renewed or Cancelled?

blockbuster season 2 release date

 Blockbuster has gained so many fans with just the announcement of it and one can expect it to be the best hit after its release! The genre of the hit web show is comedy and audiences working at some place relate to them a lot and really enjoy watching it! The first season of blockbuster, season 1 has been released on the third of November, 2022 and now, blockbuster fans are waiting for blockbuster season 2! 

Fans are always up to know the release date of their favorite show, what they can expect in the upcoming seasons, and much more! So, we are here with a write-up that is going to update the fans of blockbuster about their favorite “blockbuster” show.

Blockbuster Season 2: Release Date

This can be sad for the fans of the blockbuster that there are still no official dates for the release of blockbuster season 2! In April of 2022, blockbuster season 1 has started to shoot and so, there are very less expectations that makers will release blockbuster season 2 this year! And so, the fans should expect to watch this in the new year or in 2024!

Blockbuster Season 2: What to Expect?

The storyline of blockbuster season 1 is inspired by an actual incident. There came a time when people were more inclined to streaming and this was so because the streaming mode became so popular and widespread. And as a result of this, everywhere in this world, video stores businesses were badly affected and went into a great loss! 

In the blockbuster season 1, there is the last shop for the videos and the owner is trying so hard and his best to not let go of the essence and the actual identity of that video shop. However, the other streaming stores were hitting the market and there was no ray of scope for the video store to hit the market! And the manager of that video store loves his store and he is extremely dedicated towards his job, his store, and his clients. For the blockbuster season 2, fans can expect the continuation of season 1. However, the makers of the blockbuster may present the audience with a great twist or even the whole storyline can be changed for blockbuster season 2!

All of these are just the probable storyline and probably the date of release for season 2 of the blockbuster. Any latest news regarding this will be updated to the fans! 



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