Bigg Boss winner Riythvika Sexy photoshoot, fans shocked by her looks, Trending Viral on Social Media

Riythvika sexy photoshoot

Riythvika won Bigg Boss season 2 Tamil in the back of Tamil audience support, She is the first female to win a Bigg Boss Tamil title and still remains uncontested in that position. Riythvika is known for her traditional and homely look but her recent photoshoot has shocked her fans but they’re liking it. Riythvika has shot her first sexy photoshoot in a traditional outfit similar to Ramya Pandiyan which won her lots of fans and accolades. These photos are going viral on social media, giving her fans sleepless nights. She is wearing a traditional outfit but making it look glamorous and showing she is ready for a bold avatar. It would be interesting to see Riythvika in a glamorous role in any upcoming movies. Here are the photos


Riythvika sexy photoshoot

Riythvika sexy photoshoot

Riythvika sexy photoshoot

Riythvika sexy photoshoot

Riythvika sexy photoshoot


  1. Rithvika is a ugliest female ever in the Tamil industry. She is fit only for slum look neither her acting is good nor she is looking good. Meare luck and influence of actor suriya’s family is giving her opportunity in movies. Please tamilians and Tamil nadu open your eyes and see around, there are many pretty and talented girls around you. GIVE THEM OPPORTUNITY.

  2. I don’t see nothing wrong in this photoshoot and come on guys cinema is glamour industry and you should always expect this. Also shoba comments shows the racist mindset in her, the original color of South indian are black, if a women in black doesn’t mean she is ugly.

  3. Hello… We only did that shoot… U know she came and did that shoot without asking single money… Don’t talk like rubbish… She is a very good hearted women…

  4. Rithvika’s identity is her homely look n next door girl character..she had a class..she looks amazing in salwars n sarees..and she s not attire definitely doesnt define someone sexy or tamil can say rithvika is lakshanamana ponnu..this didnt suit her.. she tried anyways..experimenting is good.. all the best

  5. rithu is most beautiful girl… upto u dark skinned are ugly right?? bloody idiot… go to hell… she s blessed with nice features her eyes n nose ,lips face cut everything s beautiful… mainly her character…

  6. U mean about ugliest female in world..go n ask for forgiveness to ur own makeup mirror..cos since day u born ur mirror tolerate with ur@shoba ugliest nature… individuality beauty in many nature…shame of urself shoba.

  7. Good to see lot of comments opposing Shoba’s comment. @Shoba,, kindly change your mindset. such mindset is really toxic to the society. In God’s creation, All are beautiful in their own way. Look at the model of Sephora beauty store, its combination of black and white beauties. so please wide open your eyes and see and don’t be harsh at people.


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