Bigg Boss Vote – Will Kavin fall for Yashika Anand?

bigg boss 3 kavin yashika anand

Kavin’s journey in Bigg Boss is filled with most controversy than any other stars in all three seasons of BB. Initially he was with Sakshi and later their relationship turned sour, Now Kavin is with Losliya and even though it appears to be a real love between them we are not sure if they are doing it for winning the game, during last elimination Losliya said she is happy to go out even though Kavin was not happy with that which put a strain on their relationhip. With Yashika Anand entering Bigg Boss season 3 as guest star will it change anything for Kavin. Will Kavin fall for charming Yashika Anand? Kavin is nominated for eviction this week and he needs the support of his fans as well as more people to make sure he stays in the house for finale. Will he play any game to win more fans? Vote below

Will Yashika’s presence change Kavin’s focus?



  1. He has no focus at all, cannot talk 1 conversation straight, always beats around the Bush and never to the point. He talks rubbish and influences people alot.

  2. no na itha ethirkiren summa kavina thapa sollathinga kavin thapu panala oru ponna na sollure thapu panathu abirami sakshi kavin bro win pananum


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