Bigg Boss Vote – Who will get evicted during week 11 in Bigg Boss 13? Vote below to save your favourite contestant

bigg boss 13 voting online week 11

Bigg Boss 13 have entered week 11 which means it’s time for eviction nomination which will happen today Monday 9th December 2019. Sidharth Shukla even though was initially nominated for 2 continuous weeks by Bigg Boss will not be featuring in this week’s eviction as he has entered secret room along with Paras Chhabra and recovering from his illness. They will be observing how the housemates are playing their game. This week 11 four contestants are nominated for eviction. They are

  • Shehnaaz Gill
  • Sidharth Shukla
  • Madhurima Tuli
  • Hindustani Bhau

Bigg Boss 13 Voting Online Week 11

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    Vote for your favourite contestant

    Shehnaaz Gill
    Madhurima Tuli
    Hindustani Bhau
    Sidharth Shukla
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    1. asha hua k himanshi ghar se nikel gae ab rashmi or arhaan ko b nikalo , bhau pehle asha ta kise ko itna ghalt nahi bolta tha par himanshi or rashmi ne osee b apne jasa kar deaa , himanshi nikel gae asha ha

      • It nafrat rashmi se Q sir game hai yeah …she very nice person too…. Arhan Theek hai usko nikalo Lekin rashmi why…. Mujhe to comment done wole comment pad K aysa Lagta hai jaise sab in sab contestant ko personally jantay hain

    2. Kya ap log nahi chahte ki do pyar karne wale wapas se mil jaye madhurima Or wishaal plz madhurima ko vote karo or hindustani bhau ko zyada se zyada vote karo plz plz plz plz plz plz plz

    3. Plz yaro koi pyar karne wala jab bichadta hai to kaisa lagta mujhse behtar kon samjh sakta h plz ap se meri Guzarish h ki madhurima ko vote karo or hindustani bhau ko plz zyada se zyada plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz

    4. Sid praying for your good health recover soon and warm welcome to the battle field Bahrain supports you. Come back sid healthy Bahrain supports you Bro very sad to see your saline tape marks god bless and heal you soon sid a bi fold fat vote for you vheers

    5. Sid praying for your speedy recovery.Come back soon
      I don’t like watching Big Boss 13 now .Without you everything seems dull.
      You are admired for who you are.
      Please everyone Vote for SID AND SANA.
      Regards from Fiji Islands.

    6. Hi big boss 13 welcomes all brothers and sisters next week evicted himinshi all friends asim sad in happy big boss plz request hemanshi come back agin home big boss very important the follwing bro and sisters all asim hemanshi royal jodi

    7. Sana❤️❤️❤️❤️
      @shehnaaz gill
      The Punjabi cute girl is best ❤️❤️❤️ My vote goes to Shenaz gill❤️
      Lot of love n support frm New York ????????

    8. Arhan and rashmi relationship seems so fake. Also when Arhan said to Rashmi that he told her everything but just one small thing he didn’t mention was that he had a child. For a father to keep his child as a secret says everything about a mans character. Rashmi acting so gullible. Genuine contender is Sidd.

    9. Gali Gali mein Shor hai, BIGG BOSS CHOR HAI. MADARCHOD Bigg Boss is doing favouritism and support on that BEHANCHOD Siddarth and that MAA KA LAVADA Paras and that BHOSADIKI Mahira and CHINAL Shehnaz. That cock sucker Bigg Boss/ COLOURS Team motherfuckers / ENDOMOL cock suckers have only been favouring these 4 cunts. Even public vote has no value to them. What is the point of asking the public to vote when at the end of the day the fucker Bigg Boss twists and turns the scenario to his favour to try and stop his 4 bastards and citches frm getting nominated/evicted. BIGG BOSS go and suck your own dick and the dicks of your 4 cock suckers.

    10. Sab ko gadha gadha bolta hai, Main samajhta hoon sab se bada gadha PARAS G A D H A sala kutta samajhta hai BIGG BOSS jeet gaya hai. zaleel ho ke jayaga duffer.

    11. Bigg boss ghar so so boring without lovely sid, mean THE LION KING praying for ur speedy recovery bhai. Vote for sid & shenaaz ( Sidnaaz).

    12. We love you Sid no matter what Gali ka gundda(Bhau) he is saying shit against sid to get attention from camera as he is going to get evicted weak contestan using bad tricks to stay in game……Bhau contribution to house is spreading shulpher gas air pollution means farts ……lathergious by not participating in task and pretends to be nice ………..sleppping all the time ……and over alll was talking to big boss as if bigboss takes money todo favours …….stupid man pretending to be nice and does acting to give respect to woman were as in his own mind he is doing favours by respecting woman …..artificial Fake man …..bye bye Bhau on weekend ……..????????????????????????????????????

    13. Now BIGG BOSS is guin through TOTAL CHUTIYAPA.
      Sari command ghar ke do makkaron ke hath mein kyun.

      Feeling FOOLISH after waching last few episodes.

    14. Hahahahahaahhhaaaaaa
      I think this will be First FAKE BIGG BOSS REALITY SHOW.

    15. I heard many time Bigg Boss show is not real it is totaly scripted. but could not believe.
      IS season Bigg boss big mistake kar gaya PARAS AUR SID ko apna mohra bana kar.
      Aur yahin se is show ki reality pata chal jati hai.

    16. I don’t live in India, unfortunately Voot app is not working here. I have voted on this website for the Best Contestant and Winner of BB13 Season Sidharth. He is really deserving. Germany supports you Sid. #welovesidnaaz

    17. Hello Salman Sir
      Today Mahira was talking shit she says something new and good language
      Paras is playing too good
      Shanazz is not bad because I can’t see her funny things as she used to do it
      Bhahu you should explain to him play nice and don’t talk rabbish
      Vishal isn’t playing very well.
      Thank you so much Salman Sir


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