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bigg boss 13 vote week 12

Bigg Boss 13 have entered week 12 which means it’s time for eviction nomination which happened on Monday 16th December 2019. Sidharth Shukla even though was initially nominated for 2 continuous weeks and this being his 2nd week is automatically nominated for eviction. Sidharth Shukla is back from hospital and so is Paras Chhabra, hence the audience are really looking forward to the house in full strength this week. In the nomination task each housemate has to break a glass on two other housemate’s head whom they wish to nominate and that too with a reason. These contestants are nominated for eviction in week 12

  • Madhurima Tuli
  • Vishal Aditya Singh
  • Arhaan Khan
  • Asim Riyaz
  • Sidharth Shukla
  • Shefali Bagga
  • Arti Singh

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    Vote for your favourite contestant

    Madhurima Tuli
    Vishal Aditya Singh
    Arhaan Khan
    Asim Riyaz
    Sidharth Shukla
    Shefali Bagga
    Arti Singh
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    1. Sid you are dynamic keep chilled n let the game begin happy u are back bang on our hero one and only Sid. Bahrain votes for you.

    2. Hi, I vote for Sid because he is real personality. Some guys they giving comments Sid is responsible for break friendship with Asim and some are Asim and some are Himanshi and Shaifali but in my view if you are good friend then no one come in between friendship and separate 2 friends. Yes possible if your friendship is only based on profits. As per me both are responsible like if i give percentage who is responsible more, then Sid is 22% and Asim is 78% you know why because Sid never back bitching anyone and if Asim tell anything wrong then Sid will clear on the spot but Asim keep continue everything inside his heart. Simple if you have any issue be a good friend you have to clear with him instead of keeping in his heart. Asim is good person but when he become a friend of Himanshi Khurana and Shaifali then he fully changed. Sid is the one who is only trust worthy person in that show

    3. Big boss team carefully shukla shotiya gadder shukla shotiya indain people’s not like only big boss like not indain people’s not like only big boss team what crossing asim vote this this cheating not GOOD yur are team cumpitet play game over marks shukala not right for team hi just cheating asim international community voting answer makes not good

    4. Asim spoiling his own carrier he will not get work in Industry seeing him in bigg boss 13 rude person Rashmi and arhan also going in same way Mark it winner will be Siddharth shukla no use of voting Asim anymore think of it guys.


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