Bigg Boss Vote Telugu: Sreemukhi vs Baba Bhaskar vs Rahul Sipligunj , Who is the Most Popular Contestant of Bigg Boss Telugu 3? Vote Now!


Bigg Boss Telugu 3 enters its last leg of eliminations. The housemates are gearing up for the finale and fighting it hard as the finale awaits them. The contestants are enjoying the warmth of their near and dear ones as they are visiting the house one by one.

With Sreemukhi leading the strongest woman in Bigg Boss Telugu 3 vote by a mile, it is clear that she is a top contender for the finals. However, the competition is tougher this week as all contestants are nominated for eliminations this week.

Baba Bhaskar


Baba Bhaskar is a strong face in the house and is at third position in the audience voting for evictions this week. Baba Bhaskar is a fearless entertainer. He has made millions laugh and smile at his charisma and genuine heart. However, his intense association with Sreemukhi makes him a target for the Rahul Sipligunj camp.


sreemukhi belly dance bigg boss telugu

Sreemukhi Army will not let Sreemukhi suffer at evictions. Though this is a well known story this season, will her fans take her beyond the finale? Sreemukhi has a massive audience following. She is a strong contender and a decent performer when it comes to task. She has the brains to work around contestants’ plots to pull her down. She is the most popular woman in the house right now. However, is she the most popular contestant in Bigg Boss Telugu 3?

Rahul Sipligunj


The strongest face in terms of audience voting is Rahul Sipligunj. In spite of being nominated for ten eliminations, Rahul Sipligunj’s army has stood by him. Rahul is a massive contender for the Bigg Boss Telugu 3 finals. However, the competition is getting tougher and his performances in tasks will need to up the ante.

Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Vote Online – Who is the Most Popular Contestant of Bigg Boss Telugu 3?


Who is the Most Popular Contestant of Bigg Boss Telugu 3?

Rahul Sipligunj
Baba Bhaskar



  1. Baba bhaskar already he said mi vallaku radio thamilnadu nundi vochina nake vosthundi na fans vunnaru annaru anndu so dont support baba bhaskar

    • Yeah don’t support baba basker. He is fake. Even his wife said that he came to play game. He is acting naive and trying to get votes. He has to be eliminated.

      Vote for Varun, Vithika and Rahul

  2. Baba baskar very genuine person. I think he is very good person kalmasham leni person that is one and only person that is baba baskar Gary.

  3. Two min silence for who are supporting v n v ??
    Rahul – doesn’t play any task (his mom itself told him to play task)and doesn’t suite for bb winner
    Varun- never seen him dancing or entertaining
    He jus walks around( vithika is better than him in task perspective)

    Ali – Return back is the bad thing happened. Instead of playing individual game he started playing game with words which is worst

    Jyothi Akka and vithika – but are cunning and task level they are good

    Sree- I dno y she got negativity, she and baba has given much entertainment to us . Without them show is very boring and if you say she is cunning .. Even rest other contestants were talking backside.. eg: Rahul itself had talked many times

    Baba- leave whether he is tamilain or other state. He is the most entertainer and being at this age he is very energetic
    Being and Indian support other state people.. dudes don’t comment like as he is tamilian we will eliminate . Boss he is human being and we telugu people are human being so please

    And out of all most entertainer and no back bitching or no discussing like other is baba baskar

  4. Rahul shld b eliminated…n if he is true, den it’s time for him to walk out of BB…as he is proved wrong…so guys stop voting rahul….Every time it is proved dat he doesn’t fit in BB show….grow up guys n vote maturely


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