Bigg Boss Vote Tamil – Did Kavin give up Bigg Boss Winner Title for friends?

bigg boss 3 tamil kavin vote

Bigg Boss season 3 Tamil saw an emotional farewell where Kavin was seen leaving the show. He was seen holding hands with Losliya while she was crying uncontrollably and even Sandy couldn’t hold back his tears. What would be the main reason for Kavin leaving the show? Did he give up the Bigg Boss 3 Tamil Winner Title for his friends. We often see Kavin saying he would do anything for his friends, people have mocked him forever that he just acts and he doesn’s show it up in action. Is this an answer to all Kavin haters that he values friendship more than the title. We would get a better idea about Kavin’s action with comments and vote from you both Kavin fans and haters, Vote below

Why did Kavin leave Big Boss?

For 5 Lakhs
For feeling ashamed from his actions
To prove his friendship
For Losliya to win Bigg Boss Title
Trying to win people’s Sympathy


  1. Pls kavin,,,,come back,,,, we are totally depressed.. Pls.pls,,,neenga dhan bigg boss title winner, engalukaga vilayadunga… Pls kavin, we request you to come back

  2. Yes he has proved that he stand with his word and now whoever wins will be the title which kavin left behind him for them.Such an honest and true person. He knew that people like him saving each week so he realized that he will be in the middle between the title and the friends . He didn’t create any drama sand shows his scarifies , waited for the time and proved. He won millions heart others can only win the title and money. What a heart. He needs money for his family problem still sacrificed. May God bless him with all the happiness. Hope Los’s father will know how gem he is.

  3. Kavin play the game very well and he is the man of the game, so he should take the money and leave the Bigg Boss house and furthermore he is not going to win the title so his buddies going win.


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