Bigg Boss Vote Online – Should Losliya give-up her love for Kavin as her father says?

losliya father angry

Bigg Boss Season 3 Tamil has Losliya’s father as guest, he is seen unhappy and angry over Losliya’s love for Kavin. He says to throw it and come inside. Should Losliya do that as her father says? Vote and comment below.

Should Losliya give-up her love as her Father says?

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    • Definitely if you want to be respected please let me know what qualifications Kevin has to look after a wife His entire family is in Jail Will your Dad give you to a man like him Not meant to hurt you please

  1. She should listen to her parents as she has two sisters who have a future
    She has come for a game show and should consentrate only on that otherwise she is going to lose a beautiful family ?

  2. Losliya is a family girl. I could see her love for her family, falling in love with Kavin in a game show something she should really really sit with Kavin and sort out their feeling after the game show is the real thing. I could see her parents were very angry with her, falling in love is a beautiful science . If Losliya and Kavin are meant for each nobody can stop it. All the best guys

  3. Comments losilya and Kevin -follow the last two season one group advice , it is going to change or not is big question decision up on those is the impact created in 3 rd (long time running waves with those is(be) in 3rd season apart from first 2 season , decision of those make a new journey to Bigg boss or drop of new things ?is …….wait and watch regularly 9.30pm star vijay


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