Bigg Boss Vote – How can people from Sri Lanka and the United Kingdom Vote for Losliya to win Bigg Boss 3 Title?


We have been getting comments that people from Sri Lanka and the United Kingdom are not able to support their favourite candidate Losliya to win Bigg Boss 3 Title. Since they’re not in India they’re not able to vote for their favourite candidate Losliya. We’re getting so many emails that HotStar is not working in Sri Lanka or United Kingdom and even though people from Sri Lanka or United Kingdom are interested to vote for Losliya they couldn’t due to the restrictions on Voting from another country. We’re listing the possible ways here for people to vote in Bigg Boss 3 Tamil from Sri Lanka or United Kingdom.

  • Ask your friends from India to vote for Losliya, this would be the easiest way.
  • Send them HotStar app url for them to install and ask them search for Bigg Boss Tamil.
  • Ask them to cast their 50 votes for Losliya and press done
  • To vote for Mugen they can give missed call to 8367796808 from Indian number
  • Alternate way is to install HotStar in your Android or iPhone using VPN
  • Nord VPN is one of the best VPN providers using which you can install HotStar in your Android or iPhone. You can download Nord VPN from here
  • Once Nord VPN is installed, they offer 30-days money back guarantee for users and if after using them if you don’t like them you can get money back.
    nord vpn
  • Inside Nord VPN select ‘India’ as country
  • Once India is selected you can install HotStar App without any issue
  • Now go to Bigg Boss Tamil section in HotStar and vote for Losliya
  • This would be a great opportunity for Srilankan Tamil people to support Losliya for Bigg Boss Tamil Title victory.

Nord VPN offers 30-days money back guarantee, so check it out.


  1. Due to tharshan elimination all the tamils from Europe and Canada boycotting BB3. Everyone knows that it’s a inside fiddle to get rid of tharsh.
    Vijay tv run by a malayali and he wants a malayali or a christian to be a winner. That’s why they are favouring sandy to be the finalist. Don’t waste your precious time watching and voting. They will not use the vote for BB3. It’s for TRP purpose.

  2. Hi losliya…. I love you…… U are good…… Please win ? the game for your mother and father…. Okva may bless you


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