Bigg Boss Vote – Do you think Tharshan deserves to be Eliminated? Vote here


This is a shocking Bigg Boss 3 Tamil week with first Kavin walking out of the show and now one of the fan favourites Tharshan got eliminated. Tharshan elimination was shock to many and they still cannot believe that he will get eliminated. But Kamal Hassan has confirmed that Tharshan is the one eliminated out of the four eviction nominations like Sandy, Sherin, Losliya and Kavin. What do you think, does he deserve this eviction, vote below

Does Tharshan deserves this eviction?

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  1. Vijay TV wants Sandy to be the champ. All good players were send home redy. Unfortunately Mugen won the ticket for finale by win the task. Now it’s easy to make Sandy as winner…. Vijay TV ahh ?

  2. Losliya வை விட தர்ஷன் எந்த வகையில் குறைந்து போனார்? இது விஜய் டிவி யின் போங்காட்டம் என்பது வெள்ளிடை மலை.

    • I think it is rather unfair to shovel a strong contestant in the eleventh hour.BB i think it is rather uncouth what happened to Thrasan n i think the show is preset votes or not come what may.The masses will lose interest for BB4.This time crowed puller from Sri Lanka n Malaysia.Next is it from timbuktu.


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