Bigg Boss Ultimate Wildcard Entry: Oviya is the first Wildcard contestant of BB Ultimate?

bigg boss ultimate wildcard oviya

Bigg Boss Ultimate completes its first week of a new exciting edition of Bigg Boss Tamil with old contestants. Bigg Boss Ultimate mixed the controversy churners and top contestants from the previous seasons as the first week was a clear indication of the motive. However, Oviya’s exclusion from Bigg Boss Ultimate was a huge disappointment to her fans.

Bigg Boss Ultimate will run for eight weeks while there are potential chances of one or two wildcard entries in the show. According to reports, multiple ex-contestants are approached by the Bigg Boss Ultimate team. However, the buzz around Oviya and her incessant popularity surge since Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1 makes the production team hunt for her.

Much loved star to make wild card entry on 'Bigg Boss Ultimate'? - Tamil  News -

Bigg Boss Ultimate Wildcard Entry

Bigg Boss Ultimate’s first wildcard entry could be Oviya. The heartthrob from the first season of Bigg Boss Tamil is all set to woo her fans yet again. However, the official confirmation of Oviya’s quarantine commencement will decide her entry in the house. Oviya’s entry as wildcard could be a gamechanger as contestants like Thamarai, Vanitha and Anitha will make way for a very tough contender to become the Bigg Boss Ultimate finalist.

Also, the controversies with fellow first season contestants like Snehan, Julie and Suja could stir up multiple controversies. However, the actor cum model, Oviya has her upcoming movie ‘Kanchana 3’ which could derail her Bigg Boss Ultimate longevity.


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