Bigg Boss Ultimate Online Voting Results February 16th: Vote Share Increase for Niroop, Bala

bigg boss ultimate online voting results week 3 16th feb

Bigg Boss Ultimate cruises through an interesting third week as the luxury budget task begins. The open nominations with a twist ensured eight nominations for the third week elimination. Suja and Suresh are evicted from Bigg Boss Ultimate so far. However, the limelight shifts to the Bigg Boss Ultimate week 3 online voting results which features Niroop and Bala on top.

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Bigg Boss announced a major twist in the nominations task. The contestants saved two contestants of their choice rather than nominating them for elimination. The Valentine’s day special task was utilized by the Bigg Boss Ultimate contestants to emotionally connect with their fan bases.

Balaji leads the online voting results for the third week by a significant margin. Bigg Boss Ultimate week 3 nominations list features an array of potential finalists like Anitha, Balaji, Niroop and Julie. However, there are high chances of Abhinay or Shariq’s elimination this week.

Bigg Boss Ultimate Tamil Voting Online – Week 3 Eviction Poll Results

Bigg Boss Ultimate Nominations List – Elimination Week 3 – Voting Results

  • Balaji Murugadoss
  • Niroop
  • Julie
  • Shariq
  • Abhinay
  • Anita
  • Thamarai
  • Snehan

Bigg Boss Ultimate Tamil Online Voting Results 3rd Week Live – 16th Feb 2022 Poll Results

    • Balaji Murugadoss – 23% vote share
    • Anitha – 11% vote share
    • Shariq – 9% vote share
    • Thamarai – 12% vote share
    • Julie – 12% vote share
    • Abhinay – 7% vote share
    • Snehan – 11% vote share
    • Niroop – 15% vote share

Bigg Boss Ultimate Week 3 Voting Trends & Analysis – Day 3 – 16th February 2022

  • Bigg Boss Ultimate week 3 nominations list features a mixture of potential finalists and weak performers.
  • The costume change luxury budget task provides an excellent platform for the housemates to showcase their talents.
  • Thamarai Selvi as Saroja Devi and Abhirami’s retro look are already earning accolades from the audience.
  • Balaji dominates this week’s voting results which shows his massive fan base and correct game play.
  • Niroop and Thamarai join Bala in the top three of the online voting results for week 3 so far.
  • Shariq slips into the danger zone in Bigg Boss Ultimate vote results on day 3. However, Snehan is also facing danger as his vote share shows a drop.
  • Abhirami and Dhadi Bhalajie enjoy a week of safety but it is obvious that Abhinay and Suja are in danger.
  • The contestants in danger of elimination this week in Bigg Boss Ultimate are Shariq and Abhinay.
  • Anitha and Thamarai are in safe zone in week 3 voting results.

Bigg Boss Ultimate Unofficial Voting Week 3 – Bigg Boss 5 Ultimate Online Voting Results Third Week

Bigg Boss Ultimate Missed Call Numbers Week 2 Eviction Nominations

These are the missed call numbers for contestants:

Bigg Boss Tamil Ultimate Voting Methods

There are two voting methods by which the viewers can cast votes for their favorite contestant. One is an Hostar App Voting, and the other is by Missed Call Voting.

The step-by-step procedure on “How to Vote for Bigg Boss Ultimate Online through Hotstar?” has given below. The contestants who fail in convincing the audience may eliminate from the show.

How to Vote Bigg Boss Ultimate Online on Hotstar App

For your queries on “How to Vote for Bigg Boss Ultimate?” below are the answers:

  • Download Hotstar App from Google Play Store or App Store
  • Create or login to your account on Hotstar App
  • Search for ‘Bigg Boss’ using the search box on the top right.
  • Select the Bigg Boss Ultimate show banner.
  • Now, you will find a Voting option below the latest Bigg Boss Ultimate video
  • Click the Vote button to cast your votes
  • Images of Nominated contestants will appear on the screen
  • Tap on your favorite contestant and split your votes
  • You can vote a maximum of 10 votes a day (Voting closes at midnight)

Missed Call Numbers for Bigg Boss Ultimate Contestants – Vote for your favourite BB5 Tamil Contestant via Missed Calls

Also, the missed call voting can be done with the < firm>Missed Call Numbers provided for each contestant. To vote for your favorite contestant in Bigg Boss, give a missed call to the below mentioned mobile number. A maximum of 10 calls per number is counted for a week, and the calls after that will not be considered for voting. You can vote for your favorite contestant by giving a missed call to the number.


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