Bigg Boss Ultimate Mid-Week Elimination: Second Eviction of Finale Week Happens Today

bigg boss ultimate elimination finale week voting

Bigg Boss Ultimate is a few days away from the Grand finale as the top 5 finalists brace themselves for yet another elimination. The second eviction of Bigg Boss Ultimate finale week is scheduled today as the top 4 finalists will be announced. The Bigg Boss Ultimate finale week voting results puts Ramya and Julie in danger position at the moment.

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Bigg Boss Ultimate finale week witnessed the first elimination a couple of days ago. Abirami was evicted from the Bigg Boss Ultimate house due to least votes among the finalists. As a result, Julie, Ramya Pandian, Bala, Thamarai and Niroop became the top 5 finalists.

Bigg Boss Ultimate Mid-Week Elimination Update: Second Eviction

Julie is the next finalist to be face eviction in Bigg Boss Ultimate. The fight for top 3 intensifies as Ramya or Thamarai will be the next elimination of Bigg Boss Ultimate finalists. The finale week of Bigg Boss Ultimate was a highlight as tough tasks and special guests entry wooed the audience and finalists.

Suresh Chakravarthy and Suja Varunee will enter the Bigg Boss Ultimate house today. The ex-contestants continue to ponder on how they could’ve played better and been among the finalists today.

Major suspense beckons as Bigg Boss tied the eyes of the finalists in different locations. However, it looks like Niroop and Thamarai are terrified about the eviction prospects.

Bigg Boss Ultimate Winner

According to reports, Bala or Niroop are in contention for the title winner of Bigg Boss Ultimate. The finale week voting results could swing either way.

Bigg Boss Ultimate Runner-Up

Ramya Pandian cruised to the top 5 of Bigg Boss Ultimate finalists. However, she might fall short of the top 2 positions.


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