Bigg Boss Telugu Voting Results Today Live Score 28th October: Akhil and Ariyana Leads, Rajashekar in Danger?


Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 enters its eighth week, and the elimination voting results have no clear loser. Monal is nominated for eliminations yet again but she will be saved this week as well. Ariyana, Akhil, and Lasya are winning the audience’s hearts in this week’s elimination voting results.

Six contestants were nominated for elimination in the eighth week of Bigg Boss Telugu. There was a clear differentiation in vote share between the top and bottom three contestants nominated for this week. However, it is unclear about the elimination since there are a couple of days more for the voting lines to close for the eighth elimination.

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Elimination Nomination List Week 8

  • Akhil
  • Ariyana
  • Lasya
  • Monal
  • Mehboob
  • Amma Rajashekar

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Final Voting Results for Eighth Elimination (28th October)

  • Akhil – 24% vote share
  • Ariyana – 23% vote share
  • Lasya – 18% vote share
  • Monal – 13% vote share
  • Mehboob – 12% vote share
  • Amma Rajashekar – 10% vote share

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Voting Results Analysis for 8th Week Elimination

  • Akhil takes the lead for the first time in voting results in the absence of Abhijeet. Akhil is still getting Gangavva’s fans and community support, which is propelling him to safety this week.
  • Ariyana is a star in the making and she proved it this week as well. Ariyana is rising from her underdog stature to a strong contender for the finalist.
  • Lasya’s fan base saves the veteran star though her performance and screen time are dropping over time.
  • Mehaboob’s performances are commendable, and his friendship with Sohel is making him a tough contestant to beat in this season of Bigg Boss Telugu.
  • Monal was in the bottom three for the last three evictions, but the audience’s votes are not translating into results is the pulse of the audience. It is a big question if Monal will be safe yet again.
  • Amma Rajashekar’s journey is taking a dangerous turn this week as he lurks at the bottom of the voting poll results for 8th week elimination.


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