Bigg Boss Telugu Vote – Vithika Vs Baba who will battle of Medallion?

bigg boss battle of medallion winner

Bigg Boss Telugu 4th October will be an interesting one with Vithika vs Baba both fighting hard to win Battle of Medallion finale. This is the final round and we see Vithika and Baba in a rickshaw. Whoever gets out of the Rickshaw loses the challenge. Sreemukhi, Sivajyothi and Mahesh are expected to support Baba while Rahul, Varun and Punarnavi are expected to support Vithika. They can do anything to bring one of these two out of the rickshaw. It seems to rain but both Baba and Vithika remians unmoved. Whom do you think will win the Battle of Medallion, Vote below.

Who will win Battle of Medallion?

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  1. Rithika did wrong thing by pushing Baba Bhaskar which is not correct. Rithika and Varun supports each other and I want one of these get out and real result will come out.
    Baba Bhaskar is genuine candidate


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