Bigg Boss Telugu Vote – Is Sreemukhi unhappy with Rahul Sipligunj re-entry? Vote below

sreemukhi unhappy with rahul reentry vote

A new trailed for Bigg Boss 3 Telugu was released on 23 September 2019 with Rahul Sipligunj entering back into the house. The intro was terrific with Rahul making noise and terrifying Sreemukhi and others. While Punarnavi Bhupalam looked very happy with his return, Sreemukhi was shocked, is she unhappy with Rahul’s return? Vote below

Is Sreemukhi unhappy with Rahul re-entry?

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  1. Mr.Varun is not playing as contestant of big boss season 3.
    He always, out of the screen, out of the contestant and talking less.

  2. I was very very happy to see you Rahul is back to re-enter for big boss house. Play well make happy to.l very very excited to play Rahul.I appreciate you I want to final winner ? you Big boss season-3 play well good luck Dear ???❤️?????????? ✌️✌️??

  3. Game was interesting to watch when Ali and himaja are in, I don’t know why waste contestants like mahesh and Rahul are still in the game,who are not at all playing the game.

    • They all know they caunt win sreemuki ani…anduke ila kavalani corner chesthunaru….but sreemuki is really great intha mandhi target chesna thanu malli thana game normal gane aaduthundhi…

  4. Bigboss3 bagaledu Rahul ni eliminate chesi bayatiki pampi fake eliminate ani prajalanu Pichchi vallanu chesindu big boss. Varun-ritika,rahul-punnu premayanam gurinche Vere manchi taskulu yemi levu. bb3 attarplap. BB2 super hit.

  5. bb2 lo taskulu chala bagunnai. Kausal chalabagachesadu. bb3 manchi taskulu
    levu. yevaru baga adatam ledu. Ali reza ravali…… Argent ga.

  6. Asalu em nominations jaruguthunnai… Worste nomination silly silly reasons …waste bb3 show all are saying corret vithika and punarnavi not correct persons in this show

  7. Waste purarnavi and vithika… Chala over action chesthunnaru vallani chusthe andhariki valla family gurthochela pravathisthunnaru…. Punarnavi rahul ki hag kisses isthu …vithika varun tho ….fast u elimate this two members

  8. Not happy with the nomination procedure
    Saving weak contestants and nominating strong contestants
    It is time for big boss to send Punarnavi Vithika sivajyothi out of the big boss

  9. I like Varun He is very nice and genuine. I feel varun and rahul has to go for finals. Rest are all overacting. Srimuki is irritating and torturing audience.


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