Bigg Boss Telugu Vote – Did Punarnavi walk out of Bigg Boss house and gets eliminated?

Punarnavi walks out bigg boss 3 telugu

Big Boss season 3 Telugu has reached its 8th week. After 50 days, the game between the housemates turned into a frenzy. Five members were nominated for elimination this week. Among them are Himaja, Punarnavi, Ravi Krishna, Mahesh Vitta, Shreemukhi and Shilpa. Although Ravi was also nominated, Captain Baba Bhaskar used his privileges to save him. Star Ma has released the promo for this episode. It shows a furious Punarnavi deciding to walk out of Bigg Boss due the game played by housemates by pushing her into swimming pool.

Punarnavi walks out bigg boss
Punarnavi was sitting in the garden area of ​​the house. Baba Bhaskar, Shilpa, Vithika and Himaja came from behind and take her abruptly and push her into the swimming pool. After that, she that came out of the pool and was outraged at the housemates. Even if it is a task, Manhandling a girl is so bad and exhausting. Punarnavi was screaming at Bigg Boss camera and asking if this your game then play it yourself and she is ready to walkout of the house. What happened in the house? Was Punarnavi really walking out of the house. Wait until the episode airs tonight


  1. The ghost task is a waste one. One ghost has to handle one man individually, but Punarnavi was handled by 4 persons for pushing her in swimming pool. The instructions are to common man is to keep quiet. What ever the opposite ghosts did, Punarnavi did not respond. Later only she bursted. The big boss has to scrutiny the rules one to ten times, before framing rules in a game to the contetents. Be careful before exhibiting visuals.

    • Once u observe the show first time don’t announace punarnavi name…after shilpa pushes her into a pool that time biggboss announced her name…

  2. Punarnavi is 100 % correct and she didn’t reacted worst decision by big boss. Sree and Mahesh also not reacted but they are declared as ghost waste game

  3. No this time show is getting spoiled only because of punarnavi, I dont know what she is doing in the house, and don’t know how she is getting saved, punarnavi should be eliminated plz, I really not happy with her behavior

  4. I am not a regular viewer of Bigg Boss Show….and watch it whenever time is made out. I have watched the show today and find that a young participant, Punarnavi has made out a decisive stand, not polishing the shoes of unknown persons, dumped in a yard…unlike the other two contestants. What I find is that most of the participants are allured by the prize money…!!not realizing that it is an exposure of their personal traits, world wide and that it is always liked by the people that an individual placing the monetary aspect secondary to the personal principles and self esteem receives a high regard!

  5. Disastrous/immature ghost task. BB has miserably failed to give correct task. Punarnavi is 100% correct with her arguement. BB committee should be careful in future while framing tasks.

  6. Punarnavi is right, its a mindless task, the way its designed ghosts to win any way, then why the hell they had to play it and punishments not necessary definitely not shoe cleaning and polishing.


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