Bigg Boss Telugu – Sreemukhi cries as her mother was not allowed inside the BB house, Is this sympathy for vote?

bigg boss 3 telugu sreemukhi crying

Bigg Boss Telugu witnessed a heart breaking scene on 17th October, 2019 Thursday when Sreemukhi’s mother was not allowed to meet her. It started with a voice of Sreemukhi’s mother calling her “Papa” one hearing that Sreemukhi rushed to the door and was seeing her mother entering the room. Then Bigg Boss suddenly stopped Sreemukhi as she froze and was crying inconsolably while her mother was not allowed inside further.

Sreemukhi could see her mother leaving the room as she was standing at the edge of the door, it was a hard sight as she is in the house for more than 80 days now without seeing or interacting with her family. It left many Sreemukhi fans heart broken too as her fans couldn’t see their favourite star crying so hard. We would have to wait and watch tonight’s episode to know if Sreemukhi would be allowed to be with her mother.

Is this a stunt pulled by Bigg Boss to gain sympathy vote for Sreeemukhi? Comment below.


  1. She, by nature, is expressive. Who are from a regressive environment may not be able to appreciate it and be ready to admonish it. May be they should back to their medieval era. Better they crawl back into the hold where they come from.
    Learn to be tolerant.

    Also this site, though pops up on my stupid Android, is anti-Sreemuki and pro-Rahul .. you can notice that in their numbers too.


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