Bigg Boss Telugu September 17 Day 58: Did Punarnavi Say No To Rahul’s Request to Save Him? Shocking Backstab By Punarnavi?


Bigg Boss Telugu 3 started off with a gripping episode which had the elimination nominations process panned out in a different way. A phone booth was placed inside the house. Whoever got the call was nominated for eliminations this week. However, Bigg Boss gave them the opportunity to save themselves if another contestant performs a bizarre task for them.

Did Punarnavi Reject Rahul’s Request Though He Saved Her?


Rahul and Punarnavi are always teased together and seem to share a special bonding compared to others in the house.

It was encouraging to see contestants save their fellow contestants facing nomination. Rahul drank twenty glasses of bitter juice to save Punarnavi who was facing elimination nomination. Rahul’s soft corner for Punarnavi was shown when he performed the task and accepted to it immediately.


Rahul’s task was one of the toughest as it required physical stress of consuming the juice. Apart from Rahul’s task, Varun’s was another tough one which was done to save Himaja.

Rahul got the call from Bigg Boss and Punarnavi was supposed to do the task. However, Punarnavi denies to do it. Rahul is left heartbroken and shattered.

Rahul’s nomination this week could also mean potential elimination as the other weaker contestants like Himaja and Mahesha are already safe.

It would be interesting to see why Punarnavi responded like this. Did Punarnavi backstab Rahul or was she right in playing the game with him?

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