Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 Online Voting Results Week 2 September 16: Gangavva Leads, Kalyani and Rajashekar in Danger of Elimination this Week? Vote Now!


Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 is off to an entertaining start. The gripping elimination nominations and weekend episodes are the highlight of this season so far. Bigg Boss 4 Telugu has all the elements for a great season. Drama, romance, fun and frolic are portrayed in equal amounts in these two weeks.

Surya Kiran was the first elimination of Bigg Boss 4 Telugu. Nine contestants were nominated for eliminations this week. Out of the nine contestants, top contestants like Abhijeet, Gangavva and Noel are a part of the list.

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Second Elimination Nominations List

  • Gangavva
  • Noel
  • Monal Gajjar
  • Syed Sohel
  • Karate Kalyani
  • Amma Rajasekar
  • Kumar Sai
  • Harika
  • Abijeet

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Voting Results: Gangavva and Abhijeet Lead, Kalyani To be Eliminated?

According to major polling reports, Kalyani is trailing the elimination voting results for Week 2. Followed by Kalyani in the bottom two is Amma Rajashekar. While Kalyani and Rajashekar are trying their best to entertain the audience, the appeal of the other contestants is higher.

With the likes of Monal, Abhijeet, Noel, Gangavva and Harika in the nominations this week, survival becomes tougher for Kalyani. However, there is a very minor difference in votes between Kumar Sai, Rajashekar and Kalyani. It will be interesting to see who ends up in the bottom towards the weekend.

In the top of voting results for Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4, Gangavva and Abhijeet are competing for the top position. Noel is in the third position while Monal and Harika are fighting for the fourth spot. The top five contestants for the second week are likely to be safe.

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Voting Missed Call Numbers Second Elimination



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