Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4: Abhijeet Injured, Monal or Harika Will Be Thirteenth Week Elimination With Least Votes??

Abijeet bigg boss telugu 4

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 is on the verge of reaching its finale week. With just two weeks for the grand finale, seven contestants are in the race for the finals’ spot. However, Akhil is the first finalist of Bigg Boss 4 Telugu as he won the ticket to finale task. Another shocking turnaround of episodes guaranteed a twist in this week’s elimination of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4.

Emotional bonhomie was at display after the end of the ticket to finale race as the contestants hugged each other and danced. However, the ranking task entered on a very awkward note as Abhijeet ranked himself at the bottom. Abhijeet justified his position for his mistake in the recent Bigg Boss task where he rejected Monal for a date.

While it is unclear if this is yet another strategy for gaining appreciation from the audience, it seems to be working. Twitter seems to be abuzz with praises for Abhijeet and his quest for victory is on the right track. Sohel was ranked the best performer while Avinash took the fifth position.

While Abhijeet’s fans are disappointed with Bigg Boss for demoralizing Abhijeet before the finale week, this seems to be a deliberate ploy to give Abhijeet more traction from the audience side as he enters the finals of Bigg Boss Telugu 4.

Abhijeet entered jail for his worst performance and things took a turn for worse as Abhijeet got injured in a luxury budget task soon after he was released from jail. It is unclear if Abhijeet will leave the house for treatment or will continue in the house under medical supervision. Nevertheless, it was a disappointing week for Abhijeet’s fans in Bigg Boss 4 Telugu.

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Week 13: Elimination Highlights

On the elimination front, Harika or Monal will be evicted in the 13th-week voting results for Bigg Boss Telugu 4. According to reports, Avinash was also at the bottom of the voting polls on social media but Bigg Boss might evict one female contestant this week to maintain the ratio in the finals. If Harika is evicted this week, Avinash is more likely to get eliminated next week.


  1. Monal is very cunning fellow she is playing with Akhil and ABHIJIT feelings and emotions che and she led the game is bond with akhil with action… she is very worst gamer I never see this type of lady.. asalu after Bigg boss Akhil saw the episodes he is too hurting.. about monal..

    • Hi swetha, keeping Monal is cunning or not aside…It was first akhil who nominated monal. If she is Akhil’s friend, she should not talk to abhijeet?she always took stand for akhil even if he hurts her. Akhil is pushing her away for game. So now she thinks there is no friendship as such in the house and she is playing her game. She started playing her game, so she is cunning now?? Everyone is cunning there. It’s the way you see😂

  2. I hate this bigg boss avinash is elimineted monal not elimineted why voting last monal but not elimineted avinash is 2nd posisan in friday but Saturday voting chenge why bigg boss is not curret


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